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Organic Mosquito Control Statesboro

Mosquitoes cause more issues than just annoying, itchy bites. Mosquitoes, ticks and other insects carry and spread dangerous diseases.

The best way to reduce such risks is to attack the problem from its roots and prevent ticks and mosquitos from reproducing with regularly mosquito spray treatments. Statesboro Mosquito Control offers both standard and organic mosquito sprays.


Why Choose Organic Mosquito Control

Whether you want to be more environmentally friendly or you want the safest products for your family, organic mosquito control treatment is the best option because it uses essential oils to fight against mosquitoes instead of synthetic chemicals. Essential oils are known to be non-toxic to humans and animals alike.

Another upside to choosing this type of mosquito control is its scent – it smells like mint, and it does not have the strong scent of chemicals.   

Method Used for organic mosquito treatments

This all natural mosquito control treatment differs from the traditional mosquito control treatment in the sense that this works to eliminate mosquitoes that come in direct contact with the formula, and it also works to repel mosquitoes from 21-31 days from the time it is sprayed. Although the formula used will not be as strong as the synthetic repellents, the formula is proven to be very safe and effective in repelling mosquitoes. Furthermore, the scent only lasts for about 30 minutes. You only need to set aside a 30-minute downtime, and once it dries up, you can resume your activities in the areas where the formula has been sprayed.

What to Expect After the Spraying

The repellent power lasts for up to 31 days. Our team of specialists re-apply treatment regularly to ensure your home is well-protected. We keep track of the specific parts of your property where mosquitoes are most likely to hide or breed.

We also provide organic spray treatments for events such as weddings, outdoor parties, and barbecues. These are one-time treatments sprayed 24 hours prior to your event to eliminate mosquitoes.

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