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The past decade has experienced an alarming increase in tick population. As ticks spread across the US, they also brought with them a number of diseases such as Lyme disease which impacts both humans and pets.

Though ticks are common in high-grass areas, they can easily thrive and multiply in your yard as long as there’s grass or foliage. If you’ve noticed ticks at your home or simply want to protect your family and pets from the diseases they carry, call a tick control service Statesboro residents depend on.


How Tick Control Works

Our tick control service follows a comprehensive approach to identify the presence of ticks in your yard and target their breeding grounds. It also involves identifying their major attack spots such as the grass around your yard.

We apply Tick Barrier Treatments that kill off any ticks are present in your property. Our experts will apply treatment to your lawns, patios, and any other grasses and shrubs that are often breeding grounds for ticks.

Tick control treatment isn’t a one-time solution, as there are still chances that ticks will return. Therefore, to ensure that we can prevent them from coming back, our technicians will perform routine inspection and maintenance, prioritizing areas on your property that are more susceptible to tick infestation.

Why Choose Us

You might ask yourself, “Can I find a reliable service that offers tick spraying near me?” If that’s the case, then we are the answer to the question. Here are the reasons why you should choose us for your tick control needs:

Experienced Professionals

Our tick control professionals have undergone years of training in order to provide the best services possible. Moreover, we still continue learning and discovering new ways to make our services even more effective and reliable.


Effective Control Solutions

We follow a comprehensive tick control approach that has been formulated using our years of experience and knowledge in the industry. Therefore, we are confident that the control solutions we can provide will prove to be effective in dealing with a tick infestation and even prevent them from coming back.

Cost-Effective Service

Though our services are quite effective in dealing with tick infestations, we don’t charge premium rates for our clients. In fact, our company is known as one of the most cost-effective providers in Statesboro and even nearby areas.

Our expert tick control solutions are designed to effectively get rid of ticks in your property. If you’re currently suffering from a tick infestation, don’t hesitate to call us right away so we can prevent the situation from worsening.
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